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Who doesn’t love a little music to move to while getting ready for your special day? Just keep in mind the louder the music is, the more potential exists to ruin our audio, for example, all of the lovely dialogue exchanged during prep! If possible keep the music low or off altogether for the video.


YOU are NEVER in our way! Tell your wedding party and other guests not to worry about moving out of the way for our shots, let us go around you. We strive for beautifully natural looking cinematography, and the best way to do that is when people are moving about freely. Don’t worry. We’ve been doing this a while. We promise to capture every last detail of your wedding day! 


Here at Summer Films, we shoot all of our footage on mirrorless cameras, in simpler terms, we tend to look a lot like photographers to the guests of your wedding. Please let people know we are shooting video, not photographs - clarity all around means better-looking shots for your final product! We’ve gotten a few “photo requests” from guests at past events, who were a little disappointed when they didn’t find these photos in the photographer's final event album. 


In films past, we did find some of the unique and memorably sweet moments we’ve captured are those like the first looks and gift/note exchanges before the walk down the aisle. It is your day, so you call the shots, but you might want to give one or both of these ideas a second look if you haven’t incorporated them already. It is always the little things that set your wedding apart and make it one of a kind. Also, the more you do on your wedding day, the more video footage (content) you'll receive. Who doesn't like that? 


It is illegal to use copy written music without proper licensing in your edited wedding films. The other option is to buy and license songs from websites like and If you find any selections on the sites that you especially like, let us know, and we’ll do our best to fit the music into your films. 


Allowing natural light to fill rooms wherever you are during your wedding day is the number one, best thing you can do to make yourself look better in your film. This means maybe letting the makeup artist know that you’d rather be by the window getting ready or making sure that all of the blinds are open in rooms. Also, ask for a tall chair for you to sit in while you are in front of the window. Getting you in this chair allows us to be clear of the clothes on the bed behind you, water bottles on the dresser, kids running around in your shots and also helps your posture, so you don't have to worry about slouching. 


Toasts are your highlight trailer's best friend. It's all about capturing content to help tell your story. To help with that, we need actual stories from your friends and family. Bring it up to your family and friends that you want them to say something special at your reception. Their speeches give us lots of audio to work with in post-production when looking for the backbone storytelling of your highlight film. Toasts also help when you and your partner are not reading personal vows. We need someone, if not you, to tell your love story.


And that's it. You're a step closer to making your wedding film as great as you can imagine it. Now to wait for the day to come. 

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